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Welcome to the website of PRONDO Ltd.

You will find everything you need for your car under one roof in our premises. The main activities of PRONDO Ltd. (s.r.o.) are wholesale and retail of auto parts and car service/tyre service. All that easily accesible at Víta Nejedlého 742, 29306 Kosmonosy, Czech Republic, right off the Prague/Liberec highway R10. 


For daily needs of car owners and mechanics. We supply common auto parts and accesorites in our two retail stores in Kosmonosy and Jičín.

Car service - Tyre service

We are ready to fix and service personal and light commercial vehicles of almost any brand quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price.  Provádíme opravy osobních a užitkových vozů všech značek rychle, levně a s profesionálním přístupem.

After consulting we are able to fast-service your car, where we change oil, exhaust, brake pads or shock absorbers while you wait.


In our wholesale warehouse we deal auto parts for personal vehicles, specializing in Škoda parts. We are able to cover a complete assortment of  auto parts for almost any brand of car. All that in an excellent price range.

We cooperate with wholesalers, retailers, small business owners and enterpreneurs. 

We are constantly keeping up with new models of cars out and we hold important and specialized items in stock.

  • These are the types of parts in stock in our warehouse:
  • brakes - discs, pads, drums, calipers,  shoes, cords, brake fluid, cylinders, etc.
  • engine parts - distribution kits, pulleys, tensioners, belts, vibration dampeners, pistons, piston rings, bearings, shells, sealings, valves, etc.
  • clutches - clutch sets, plates,  flywheels, beargins, etc.
  • filters - air, cabin, heating, air conditioning, oil, gearbox
  • exhaust systems - exhaust parts, catalyzers, oxygen sensors
  • autoelectronics - batteries, cabels, plugs, temeprature sensors, hall sensors, switches, starters, alternators, wiring blicks, etc.
  • lights - headlights, rear lights, bulb holders, covers, sealing, bulbs, motors, glass, etc.
  • body parts - metal/plastic
  • axle, support and steering parts - amrs, joints, bearings, holders, stabilizer parts, etc.
  • car cosmetics
  • draw gear, roof racks
  • other accessories- first aid kits, lékárničky, trinagles, vests and other mandatory equipment

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PRONDO s.r.o.
Víta Nejedlého 742
293 06 Kosmonosy

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